About Us

The Urantia Book Historical is a Florida, not-for-profit corporation and is established for educational purposes. It is governed by a board of directors. In the start up years, John Callahan served as President, Donald Shea Green, Vice-President, and Victoria Clark, Secretary-Treasurer. Presently, there are 13 directors, with the president residing in Europe. The society can seat up to 24 directors. The board of directors adopted the Code of Ethics of the International Council of Archives. This year the society celebrates its eleventh anniversary.

History of the formation of the society

In the summer of 2005 at a conference in Philadelphia, Victoria LJ Clark looked for parties interested in history. Her purpose was to establish a historical society and to find a university repository for physical records. A few months later, Larry Watkins put out a call for volunteers to help with his scanning project of digitalizing historical records. Scott Forsythe of the National Archives recommended the J. Gordon Melton special collection at the University of California Santa Barbara. On 26 July 2006, with the professional assistance of Fred Harris, the UBHS was incorporated in the state of Florida and became the donating organization and clearing house for material donated to the university. In August 2006, the UBHS moved the physical archive from Denver, CO, to Santa Paula, CA. Thanks to the generosity of Elisabeth and John Callahan, the society had a home base. The archive was delivered it to the university curators, David Gartrell and David Tambo in June 2007, after a year of sorting. Larry Watkins wrote a computer program to display the scanned archive and the library went on-line in July 2007. Kristen Michaels converted 78 tapes from the Boulder School to digital media and scanned at high resolution. In the autumn of 2007, the UBHS received 501(c)3 status from the IRS, which went into effect on the date of incorporation. In the first ten years the society has received many generous physical donations by mail and recorded many oral history interviews. Thanks to the assistance of Tim Hobbs and Todd Lodge of Data Connect, the society identified a new database program - PastPerfect Museum software. It is now in the process of converting all of its records and expects to move to PastPerfect On-Line in 2018.


UBHS extends a special thank you to David Kantor for his continued support and encouragement throughout these years. We also are grateful to the many readers who have generously donated, cheerfully answered historical inquires, and  have consented to oral history interviews. We thank the staff members of Urantia Foundation, Urantia Book Fellowship, and Urantia Association International. Thank you also to the professional technical assistance of the people at PastPerfect.