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Dr James T Case

Drs. James T and Helena Case

James and Helena Case were members of the Forum. Dr James Thomas Case was one of the leading radiologists of the early period of radiology between 1900 and 1942. An accomplished surgeon and clinician, he became very interested in the development of radiology as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. Very early in his career, he traveled extensively in Europe, primarily France and Germany, acquainting himself with the development and advances in radiology, which were occurring predominantly in those countries. He was fluent in several languages, especially German, French, and Spanish. His translations of Alban Koehler's text on Borderlands of the Normal and Early Pathologic Skeletal Roentgenology and the multi-volume work of Schinz, Baensch, Friedl and Uehlinger were well received.     Read more »


Emma L Christiansen

Emma Louise Christensen was born on January 29 1890 in Gem Township, Brown County, South Dakota, the sixth of eight children born to Neils and Thora Rosalie Nana Bald Christensen. She attended high school in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Her friends affectionately called her "Christy." Her university studies in English included Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, and the University Minnesota at St. Paul. She worked for two years as office manager of the United States Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency at the Minneapolis office. She transferred to the Chicago office where she was Manager of the National Bank Examiners of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank Seventh District for 28 years until her retirement.
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Duane Faw

Duane Faw

This brilliant man was driven to find the truth in life. His faith was his driving force. He loved God as few people do. His life centered on wanting to share with the world what he had uncovered about faith. His last book still waiting to be published, “Salvation in Faith,” explores world religions from different faith perspectives. It is written as he lived his life, with deep exploration and with equal respect to perspectives and different realities. Duane had a passion for justice. His sense of right and wrong was so deeply a part of who he was. 

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