Harry and Donna Rowley

Harry and Donna Rowley

Harry and Donna Rowley

(1910-1991) (1911-1989)

Harry E Rowley was the younger brother of Marian Rowley, and was born in 1910, also in Medina, New York. He and his wife Donna were introduced to the Forum in 1939 by Marian and were charter members of First Urantia Society in Chicago, Illinois, US. In 1957, they resigned from the First Society and were some of the founders of the Glenview Urantia Society, Illinois, US.

Harry was the oldest son of Harry R and Catherine T Rowley of State of New York. Harry had one brother, Howard, and four sisters, Marian, Kathryn, Ruth, and Betty. He grew up in Ridgeway, New York, situated between Niagara Falls and Rochester; near Lake Ontario. Donna Rowley was born on 25 Aug 1911.  We have no record of her maiden name at this time.
Harry was Treasurer of Urantia Brotherhood from 1963 to 1975, and also served on the Judicial Committee for thirteen years. He also served on Finance Committee for seven years. Donna was a member of the Publications Committee for six years and the Domestic Extension Committee for eleven years.

Their great skill was in making newcomers to the Forum and study groups feel welcome. They took new readers under their wings, often inviting them to their home for dinner and discussion. Both were down-to-earth and unpretentious, just an average-seeming suburban couple;  they always encouraged young people. They were everybody's best friends. Even though they had no children of their own at the time, they seemed to know everything about babies and young children, advising young parents about the care of babies. They eventually adopted Donna's niece and nephew, Lynda and Dennis, both of whom became readers of The Urantia Book.

The Rowleys first lived in Chicago, then in Des Plaines, Illinois, and after Harry retired as controller for Union Tank Car Company, they split their time between a summer home in Minocqua, Wisconsin and Phoenix, Arizona. While in Arizona they were active with the group that later became the Grand Canyon Society. Donna and Harry moved into Wesley Manor retirement home in Frankfort, Clinton, Indiana, because Donna had developed Alzheimer's disease. She died in April 1989, and Harry passed away in October 1991. Harry remained active in retirement home activities up until the day he died of sudden heart attack on 07 Oct 1991.

Copyright@UBHS staff 2007
Carolyn Kendall, Forum member and personal friend of Donna and Harry Rowley
wrote this biography and kindly granted permission for the UBHS staff to edited
to edit it for a biography. We are grateful for her contributions.

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