Archive Scope

A Neutral Entity

Urantia Book Historical Society is a neutral entity in the Urantia movement. We are collaborative and cooperative with other entities, organizations, societies, and individuals. We maintain an impartial stance on the development of the movement as a whole. While the UBHS board of directors individually come from various backgrounds and views within the Urantia movement, collectively we remain focused on the view of the whole and the preservation of history.


There is, however, one area in which we are not neutral: our scope. Individually, our directors may have unique preferences and opinions about our collective history, but it is for the board of directors as a whole to determine what is within the scope of the Society archives, and what is not. This is no easy task yet it is one of our most important ones.

Note that lack of specific material within our archives (whether digital and physical) should not be interpreted to mean that those records in question are outside of our scope. The special collections at UC Santa Barbara itself does not permit litigation records in its religious collections archives, simply because such litigation records are too voluminous among religious groups. Further, records may not appear in our archives because they have not yet been processed, are copyrighted material, or are under legal agreement not to be published at the present time.


Urantia Book Historical Society abides by the International Council on Archives Code of Ethics.