There are a number of ways in which you can help us achieve our goal of preserving Urantia history and making it available to future generations.

Please contact us to find out how you can contribute historical records, funds and resources, and your time:

Phone: 1-805-525-4447



Urantia Book Historical Society welcomes the opportunity of acquiring and preserving historical records. We serve as a donor organization to University of Santa Barbara. We invite prospective donors, both persons and organizations, to contact us to discuss our policies and procedures for donation.

Donors are sometimes eligible to take a tax deduction for the market value of the materials they donate. UBHS advises prospective donors to consult their attorney or tax advisor for information on the possible advantages of this form of charitable giving. The market value of gifted materials is best established by the donor hiring an outside, independent appraiser who will evaluate the collection to establish market value. Urantia Book Historical Society cannot make this evaluation. The IRS requires this outside, independent appraisal if the appraised value of a gift is greater than $5000. Additionally, the IRS requires that UBHS sign IRS Form 8283 acknowledging receipt of the gift.

Upon donating records to UBHS, you will receive:

  • A letter of acknowledgement
  • IRS Form 8283 (if in the United States)
  • Information concerning the IRS
  • Guidelines for Noncash Charitable Contributions
  • The UBHS Mission Statement

After we catalogue your donations you will receive an itemized list of the donations for your tax records.


You may also wish to donate to us financially, or with resources or equipment useful in the archiving process.