The New UBHS Archive is officially open!

Urantia Book Historical Society is pleased to present our New Archive. Currently, the New Archive has 2200 records total in the four collection sections, Archives, Photos, Libraries, and Objects, while there are about twice as many records in the Old Archive. There is a lot of work that goes into each entry in the archive. We have over 10,000 records slowly being made ready for publication in the New Archive. About 350 records now being presented in the New Archive are new records from the Bedell Family Collection, which are primarily items from the estate of Forum member, Clyde Bedell.

The New Archive runs on search engine software created by PastPerfect, which is widely used by Historical Societies and museums. The features provided by PastPerfect are a couple generations advanced over our previous or Old Archive. For instance, you can now enjoy embedded YouTube audio tracks and video presentations, even while using their closed captioning functionality.

The Old Archive will remain in our main menu until the process of transferring all these records to the New Archive is complete. Creating summary paragraphs for each record takes time. We expect that process to be finished by January 2021.

In addition to the New Archive, volunteers are now able to log in to our system to help with this effort. We also have work focused on getting more of the Bedell Family Collection and other more recent donations ready for publication. Please get in touch via our contact page if you would like to help make this process go more quickly, all while gaining knowledge about Urantia Book history at the same time!

Urantia Book Historical Society New Archive Now Open