As a neutral entity, Urantia Book Historical Society does not create or endorse any particular interpretation of the history of The Urantia Book or its cultural development. We are also impartial as to the actions and nature of the various organizations associated with The Urantia Book.

Naturally, Board Members participate in other Urantia Book related activities, which may produce items suitable for the UBHS collection. Such items are given no special consideration; they are accepted and processed consistent with standard UBHS policies and procedures.


While Urantia Book Historical Society is a neutral institution and does not endorse or create histories, we must determine what is within the scope of our archives and what is outside of it. This is always a collective decision of the Board of Directors.

UBHS considers a wide range of Urantia Book related items for inclusion in our collection. Predictably, we receive donations more quickly than we can process them, so we prioritize processing as best we can, given the circumstances and our resources. If a record is not found in our archive, this does not mean that it is outside our scope. Currently, items and categories of items may not be listed Archive for any number of reasons. They may be in the queue to be processed, or we simply do not have that particular record. Donors may also have requested we postpone making certain items publicly available. Please feel free to get in touch with any specific questions you may have.

Biographical Information

The archive software we use automatically creates a Bio record for anyone who appears in the People search engine. We provide basic biographical information for the people connected to items in our collection. Pictures are only provided for those who have passed away or who have given us permission.

Code of Ethics

Board Members and volunteers abide by the International Council on Archives Code of Ethics.

Contact and Other Personal Information

Our work necessarily relates to lives past and present. Donations sometimes contain contact and other personal information, even directories. Nonetheless, UBHS does not otherwise compile data on individuals to sell or share with other organizations, businesses, or individuals.


Records that have embedded YouTube links do not activate cookies unless you click on them. YouTube cookies become activated once you engage the embedded video or audio link.