As a neutral entity, Urantia Book Historical Society does not create or endorse any particular interpretation of the history of the Urantia Book or movement. We are also impartial as to the actions and nature of the various organizations of the Urantia community. As individuals, Society board members are members of a diverse constellation of these organizations, and from time to time produce their own histories. These may be informed by the Society, but they are written in the author’s own name and do not represent Urantia Book Historical Society views.

While board members as individuals have a wide variety of interpretations on movement history, our scope—what is included and excluded from our archives—is always a collective decision embodying the wisdom of the group. If a record of historical importance is not found in our archive, however, this is not necessarily due to it being excluded from our scope. We may not have received a copy of the record to digitize it; we may be constrained by an agreement with a donor or individual related to a record as to the record’s publication date; we may be constrained by our own ethical standards as archivists concerning the publication of sensitive material. Some records may not be found in the physical archive at UC Santa Barbara due to their own archive constraints.