Urantia Book Historical Society provides the following services:

Processing and Preservation

UBHS processes donated historical records through our office in Santa Paula, CA, and also uses some satellite locations for processing. After donations are processed and preserved as needed on a physical level, we then catalog, digitize, and otherwise archive items for online presentation.

Many items in the Old Archive are physically housed in the J. Gordon Melton American Religions Collection at UC Santa Barbara, California. View this physical archive index of Historical Society records.


Beyond acting as a custodian of historical items for future generations, UBHS primarily makes the records collection available to the public through this website.


Board Members routinely conduct interviews with people who have contributed to Urantia Book culture or who otherwise have knowledge of important historical events.


Urantia Book Historical Society acts as a neutral repository of our collective Urantia Book heritage, culture, study, and experience.


The preservation of history is a complex and multifaceted endeavor. UBHS serves as a resource for scholars, researchers, and those who share our belief that the preservation of our history is vital. Please use our contact page for any queries you may have.